Ceremonica Satanica

“Many of you will choose to celebrate Halloween or Sahmain as it is traditionally know, according to the old ways. Among your numbers will be Witches, Pagans and Magicians who will be celebrating this festival from Sunset on October 31 to Sunrise on November 1st. For Halloween is the time when the veil between this world and the otherworld becomes thin allowing intercourse between those who dwell in the two realms.

On Saturday October 30th, 2010 you can get a head start at the Ceremonia Satanica presented by Rue Morgue House of Horror. To the tunes of doom and the power of undead occult rituals the veil will be lifted and the portal between darkness and light will be opened. Whether you be Witch, Pagan, Magician, Satanist, Vampire or merely curious, I bid you come out, come out wherever you are and join with Rue Morgue in their 13th Anniversary Halloween Party.

I assure you that you will not be disappointed and who knows who or what you may find in the darkness. I’ll be seeing you.”

Salako Kalfou, Director

Freak Encounters

The Director of the Occult Research Bureau appears in several episodes of Freak Encounters, which will be premiering on Animal Planet in the latter part of October 2010.

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